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Horrible horrible place, drs, refuse to provide medication that prove is helpful to client, referrals not made and appointment not made, I was told I could walk right into x-rays and get what I needed this was a lie. Was told I had an appointment so took off of work to see Dr, guess what NO appointment. They will not provide you with a referral to a specialist that knows your health issues because they don't want the money going somewhere else, they don't care about the patient at all, they just want the insurance money, they are horrible people just don't go to anything associated with SOUTHWEST MEDICAL

Product or Service Mentioned: Southwest Medical Associates Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I would never recommend these people period. I have pulmonary fibrosis and it took nine months to get a referral to a pulmonologist and when I went they didn't accept any of the tests she wanted as too costly.

Now they are taking away my pain pills as Medicaid has new standards coming out but refuse to go me a referral to pain management to use other methods to ease pain. I need to see a heart doc as experiencing heart failure and scheduled for four months later now.


I've enrolled in Senior Dimensions since turning 65. Prior to that, I had HPN at a cost of $275/mo in 2006.

As a Senior Dimensions member here in Las Vegas, since 2008, I wish to warn others that enrolling in the plan, this is what you can expect:

A) you'll be seeing your PCP , ONCE a YEAR for your physical, where he/she will order blood work & then, send you a form letter with the results until they see you next year; without EVER mentioning that if you are not doing well with a newly prescribed medication, you should be able come in and discuss your side affects due to the medication.

B) if you need to be seen by a specialist, i.e.

a gastroenterologist, urologist , cardiologist, your PCP will put in for a referral , and THAT'S when your problems will begin in dealing with this insurer so called "schedulers" , who, under their bosses orders, will tell you that their doctors are booked solid for the next 4 months , BUT :

"In order for you to be seen on a timely basis, they'll outsource you to a "specialist" and give you his/hers number and YOU, have to deal with that practice practices of be seeing if and when they are willing to see you! It can take up to 3 months for an "office consultation" with this outsourced practice! Be forewarned!

C) Don't you dare go to a hospital ER unless you are close to death, or YOU will be responsible for ALL the tests and or doctors that sees you. About THAT: when you call your PCP's office, you hear a whole automated spiel that : "in case of an emergency, hang up & dial 911" D) since you can't be seen by your PCP , regarding the issues you're having, EVEN during office hours, you have to go to an Urgent Care, pay a copayment before you can be seen & wait sometimes 2 Hours and be given some Meds and told to see your PCP within a week for a follow up ; knowing fully well that this is NOT a possibility!

D) your incurred bills of tests done will arrive almost immediately ; way BEFORE the "schedulers " find you that "specialist" in network that they claim to have several doctors , but who ultimately , will refuse any new patients! E) YOU the patient have NO RiGHTS even though they claim you do!

F) When YOU call and ask a question, the telephone operators will inform you the conversation might be recorded on their side BUT you are not allowed to do the same ! Last, but not least, there's no one to complain about these practices, since the CEO of ALL the Southwest Medical Clinics here in Las Vegas , who is also the head of the Urology Specialty of Nevada, does NOT make himself available for complaints or anything that has to do with your wellbeing or being treated on a timely basis with dignity and respect that they claim to give the new enrollees by inviting them around enrollment time, usually starting September, to hear ALL about the "services " available to members!


I absolutely agree. So many negatives with Southwest Medical.

Most communication is made with customer service and not your physician. And those you deal with lack training and any medical background. Delays ongoing re: referral authorizations and scheduling diagnostics.

It is about money! And not quality medical care!

Henderson, Nevada, United States #1312206

I am glad to read that others are as upset as I with SMA. Almost as bad as Senior Dimensions.

Poor care, bad customer service. But what can one expect, when most who work the phones have little to no medical background or training. A total disservice to patients. How they get away with this, is beyond me.

too many negative experiences to list here. All I can say is that if you want quality medical care, stay away from SMA.

to Anonymous #1314909

Again, I agree! And Senior Dimensions is just as bad.

But what can one expect. SMA and Senior Dimensions are in tandem with each other.

An abundance of just poor patient care. In my opinion, they just don't care!

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