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Her name is Patricia Case, APRN in the Gynecology Department.

My husband and I were going on a once in a lifetime vacation that took us 15 years to get tickets to. I wanted to suppress my period during that time. Several months before this I started birth control pills to do the job but started spotting and continued for a couple months. I was told this may be normal for first time users. I researched the implant and several friends of mine said it was great and would do what I wanted. I couldn't get into see my OB/GYN before we left on vacation, which I love because he is very nice to both me and my husband, so I was scheduled to see Patricia Case, APRN the week we were planning to leave. I was expecting to get the implant ( everyone I talked to said they would do it then ) and stop my period before we left.

Right off the bat she was rude to my husband and was just short of telling him to shut up and would only listen to me. Then continued to scare me out of getting the implant saying things like I shouldn't get it because 80% of women who get it hemorrhage with it, which is a lie! Then she asked in a very sarcastic tone "Where we were going that I needed to be off my period?". It wasn't her business anyway but we told her and she said maybe we shouldn't go. Then she wanted to examine me and pulled a curtain so my husband couldn't see which has never been done before and it made me nervous and uncomfortable. She said he didn't need to see what she was doing. And every time I asked my husband to explain some things to her she said she didn't want to hear anything from him. She treated him like garbage and I was ready to cry.

Then she prescribed me 10 days of pills she said would stop my period for my vacation. I took them and bled hard for the duration of my once in a lifetime vacation, which made me so miserable while there we had to leave early and it was destroyed. I researched the pills and they were for women that wouldn't get a period! She intentionally ruined my vacation.

I cry about my experience with her to this day, and this was a month ago. The bottom line is:

I feel that she she hates men and treated my husband like garbage. She purposely ruined my once in a lifetime vacation that costed us thousands in planning and 15 years to go. She wouldn't listen to anything I wanted and did her best to talk me out of my requests. She prescribed me a medication that did the opposite of what I requested on purpose. She was extremely rude and sarcastic. She made me want to cry and feel extremely uncomfortable while being examined.

It is my and my husbands opinion that she should NOT be in her line of work. I'm looking into filing a formal complaint and my husband is looking into an attorney to recover our financial losses and damages. This woman is the worst ever!

Product or Service Mentioned: Southwest Medical Associates Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad Gynecology Nurse.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Recover lost funds and evaluation of the APRN Patricia Case suitability to do her job..

I didn't like: Being treated by patricia case aprn.

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I can't imagine accompanying my wife to a OB GYN like that. I love her dearly but we both know my place - and that ain't it. Are you perhaps of Arabic extraction and not permitted to appear in public without the husband ?

to Anonymous #1559686

I didn't need your sarcasm thank you. I love my husband of 22 years and we share everything, including medical files and such.

I don't understand a lot of stuff being said and done by Doctors and my husband knows all about it. Plus, there is a history. So NO, I do not allow a doctor to examine me without my husband present. This is how it has been all my life and I have never had an issue.

He was even there during my PAP smear with open arms by my OB/GYN.

And NO, I am not Arabic. I just will not allow myself to be examined like that without my husband with me.

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